The kind words of our clients are the most effective advertising anyone can ask for. Below are some of the thoughts shared by several of our clients.


“…flawless execution and dedication to their clients’ objectives….”

Frank Dana
Senior Vice Prescient of Operations
Cardinal Health

“Throughout my career, I have always relied on their expert advice and unparalleled service.”

Peter Frank
Atlantic Express

“…constantly striving to be the best, and consistently exceeding our expectations…”

Rick Painter
Strategic Implication International

“Now more than ever, it is important to have a travel company you can count on for a high level of service. We use NTN for all our personal and business travel needs and I can rest assured that the service will be top notch.””

Daniel Hicklin
Senior Vice President of Experimental Therapeutics
ImClone Systems

“NTN executes at a level that surpasses any travel service providers we have ever experienced…and add a personal touch that our customers have grown to expect and appreciate”

Maggie Gibbons
Unparalleled Productions

“Thank you again for the personal service you delivered last night for our CEO’s arrangements. We weren’t necessarily in an emergency situation, but it certainly was a peace of mind to confirm his mileage upgrades last night. I was planning on only using the after hours service and calling Continental directly to do the upgrade once I received the pin I needed. It was a pleasant surprise when you actually called me back to confirm the tickets were issued and then handled the upgrades on my behalf with Continental.

This is the exact reason we switched to Norton Travel from American Express and you have definitely proved time and again we made the right choice with Norton Travel!”

Brenda David
Sr. Meeting Planner
Science First, LLC